What do you do after a sales call?

What do you do after a sales call?

Sometimes a sales call does not end in a sale. It ends with “I’ll think about it”.

How can you stay top of mind if your timing is off, or if your prospect needs to check in with other decision makers? Or if they aren’t ready to invest. Yet.

My strategy is to deliver value.

  • For Mary, this is her newsletter, with her insightful marketing tips.
  • Amy might send letters to teachers with useful classroom management tips.
  • Christine might send out fitness and health tips.

For any one in our BNI group, this is probably easy and helpful because
• they know this stuff cold,
• it establishes their expertise on the subject matter, and
• it keeps them top of mind.

Here are 3 strategies: (The fortune is in followups!)

  1. Email tickler: Send an email about the prospect back to yourself in 30 days, so you remember to touch base and see if they still need your servcies.
  2. Pipeline: Log everyone that you have a conversation with, the referral source, the likely dollar value, and the chance of closing. Check it weekly to see who you should follow up with.
  3. Drip: Add prospects to a post-sales-call automatic email drip that goes out every 6-8 weeks, so when they are ready to buy, you are top of mind.

Ideally this can be automated in programs like MailChimp and Contactually. You simply add a warm lead to your list, and they get a series of 4 or 8 or 12 email “tips” automatically.

To your success!


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