Weekly BNI Bethesda Business Update: Week of February 8, 2021

Weekly BNI Bethesda Business Update: Week of February 8, 2021

Please remember our most recent presenters ~ Casi McFarland Grant Layman, and what a good referral or introduction is for each of them.

Thank you to members who continue to pass referrals which lead to closed business.

From our President Gary Altman:

Questions you want three members to ask each of their contacts.

Have you reviewed the list sent last week and again this week? I have updated the list.

Please follow-up with our most recent visitors:

Lori Fish Bard           Nutritionist [email protected]

Shelley Bentley        Sub for Chris Zamora

Ann Brennan            Our ambassador

Tom Brophy              Mi Box Moving/Storage [email protected]

Sara Najafi                Interior Design  [email protected]

Kate Schulz              Sub for Andrew Farkas

Dean Szollosy          Kitchen Solvers of Potomac [email protected]

Wilma                         Sub for O.C.

Purpose & Overview this week is being presented by Jesse Burns

Notable Networker is the person who is doing 1-1s, passing referrals etc. We allow for a little Extra time at the beginning of Member Weekly Presentations.

This week our Notable Networker is James Bonato.

Member Spotlight is for the member who has given a lot and we are highlighting their accomplishments and thinking about them a bit more going forward. Extra time at the end of Visitor Weekly Presentations is allocated for this honor.

This week our Member Spotlight is Guy Brami.

PowerPoint Meeting Reminder(s):

Any meeting updates will be accepted up until 12:00 Noon the Wednesday prior to our meeting.

Our meetings start at 06:45 and end at 08:30. Make certain to block this time on your calendar so you can stay engaged with other members and our weekly meeting. If you cannot attend during this timeslot, please find a sub.

Our new website is https://www.bethesdabusinessbni.com/ 

Continued thanks to Adam Lowe for this fine work.


We have a blanket rule where we agree that each week’s presentations are TWO OF THE BEST PRESENATIONS EVER. This statement should eliminate the need for each member to mention how good each of the presentations were during the REFERRAL & TESTIMONIAL portion of our meeting.

This Friday February 12th we look forward to hearing from speakers Greg Flynn Mike Tash.

Is there anyone you know who might be a potential referral for either Greg or Mike?   Why not invite them to visit our meeting this Friday?

Better yet, make an introduction ahead of time!!!

Your thoughts and suggestions for our meetings and our BNI chapter in general are encouraged and always appreciated. Please email or call me at any time.

The first person to send a referral to each of our top four referral givers, from Monday February 1st forward, where the referral results in closed business >>>> will earn a $25 gift certificate to The Bean Bag. This includes Stephanie Lewis, Gary Altman, Greg ford and Guy Brami, Howard Joseph, Mike Tash and Steve Lorberbaum.

Let’s make it happen!!!

From James Bonato – Instructions – how to update your BNI Profile.  This podcast is a supplement to it.



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