Steve Feldman

Eyes on the Road…mobile opticians


Steve Feldman


EYES on the ROAD…mobile opticians brings a NEW facet to an old PROFESSION and rather than emphasizing HOW FAST or HOW CHEAP eyeglasses are made… EYES on the ROAD…mobile opticians’ emphasis is not “just making a sale”, it’s HOW WELL your eyewear is made and HOW COMFORTABLE and SATISFIED you are. The “icing on the cake” is to know that your eyewear needs are serviced in the most convenient location…YOUR HOME or OFFICE.

EYES on the ROAD…mobile opticians is owned by Steve Feldman and Carol Barth. Steve is the company’s managing optician and personally makes almost EVERY pair of eyeglasses EYES on the ROAD…mobile opticians produces, and does so with over 44 years of experience.

He is certified by The American Board of Opticianry, a Fellow of the National Academy of Opticianry, and an Honored Fellow of the Opticians Association of America.

Your eyewear needs to satisfy you aesthetically, physically, visually, and financially and of course should be provided in a convenient location. With a high level of experience and ethics, EYES on the ROAD…mobile opticians assures you’ll be satisfied with ALL the important aspects of purchasing your eyewear. Earning your trust and confidence is key to their continued success.

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