BNI Weekly Recap: May 15th, 2020

BNI Weekly Recap: May 15th, 2020

Hello BNI Team,

Please remember that we DO NOT have a meeting this week due to the Memorial Day holiday on Monday.

Last week we had a great networking education moment from Diane Lorello reminding us that our network is our salesforce, not clients to be sold to. She also stressed the importance of being specific about the types of referrals you want. Shapshoot your message, don’t shotgun it. Let’s keep those things in mind as we do our 1:1’s this week and prepare our BNI weekly presentations.


  • No meeting this week due to the Memorial Day holiday. Our next meeting will be on May 29th.
  • ACTION ITEM: Breakfast dues that were paid for Q2 are being refunded. Please email Dan Bible with your address so he can mail a check.
  • ACTION ITEM: Let us know if you are interested in any of the leadership roles for the upcoming BNI term.  Here is a list of the roles and their responsibilities.
  • Our next stack day is June 12th. We are looking for Maid and Cleaning Services. – Other categories we are specifically looking for are Graphic Designer, Business Coach, Telecommunications Companies, and Construction Companies.
  • Top TYFCB last week were Greg Ford, Gary Altman, and Steven Feys for a combined $116,461. Not bad during a pandemic…


  • Ferdos Zelawar: Zelawar Enterprises (Transportation and shipping company)
  • Donna Morris: Xtra Paid of Hands (Event Planner)
  • Sarah & David: Whilehearted (Life Coaching)

We missed you: Andy Stern & Arturo Lacayo.

Our featured presenters last week were Greg Ford & Cheryl Spell. Keep both of these fine people in mind when you are out and about this week.
Next week we have Cindy Maka & Mike Tash presenting.


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