BNI Weekly Recap: June 5th, 2020

BNI Weekly Recap: June 5th, 2020

Hello BNI Team,

Thank you, everyone, for another successful and BNI Online meeting last week. We appreciate your patience as we experimented with sound effects to let presenters know when their time was up. Unfortunately, that experiment bombed so we are removing it from the presentation.


·         Reminder that BNI University & the BNI Podcast are great sources for CEUs. We should each aim for one CEU per week.
·         The slideshow will begin promptly at 7 am so we can allow more time for the core of our meeting.
·         You will have 40 seconds for both infomercials and referral and testimonials



·         Brian Loebig: Loebig Ink // [email protected] // (301) 244-8324

·         Lily Zingman: TOBE DesignGroup // [email protected] // 301.656.6600


·         Jason Anderson: Anderson & Quinn, LLC // [email protected] //  (301) 762-3303 (Sub for Howard Joseph)

We missed you: Andrew Farkas, Greg Flynn, & Tracy Noble

Ambassador Report:

·         Sarit has posted a survey asking for people to nominate chapter leaders. Feel free to fill out that survey, but also make sure you email Brooke & Guy so they also get this valuable input.

·         We have tons of networking events this afternoon and on Friday. Register for them online at

VP Report:

·         We have another stack day this Friday. Be sure to invite cleaning services, maid services, or any other people you think might be a good addition to our chapter.

·         Notable Networkers – Most referrals for May: Gary Altman, Dennis Elliott, Greg Ford, Stephanie Lewis.

·         Send all presentations and announcements to Brooke by COB Wednesday so she can include them in the PowerPoint deck.

·         If you have any corrections to your photo, logo, or contact info on the slides – contact Brooke

·         We are still looking for nominations for next year’s leadership roles. Who would be a good fit for the roles? What position do you want? Email Brooke, Dan Bible, or Guy Brami


Our featured presenters last week were Robyn Parks & Steve Feldman. Keep both of these fine people in mind when you are out and about this week. 

This week we have Marc Bruno & Stephen Feys presenting.


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