BNI Weekly Recap: January 17th, 2020

BNI Weekly Recap: January 17th, 2020

Hello BNI Team,
What a fantastic stack day we had last week! The room was packed with visitors and the energy was high. We saw a few old friends, met some new people, and even got a potential member or two lined up. I love it when a plan comes together!

Announcements: Our next stack day will be on February 14th. I don’t know about you, but I’d LOVE ❤❤to see us fill the room with Contractors, electricians, handymen, and interior designers. As an added bonus, if you invite a visitor that decides to join, we have a shiny new $50 gift card for you as a “thank you.”
Robyn and Cheryl were both “Red Hot” this week and earned some recognition and treats for bringing in a visitor, giving a referral, and having a 1:1 last week. 
Thank you to Greg Flynn and Andrew Farkas for a fantastic happy hour last week!
The list of top referral givers is out and our chapter did an outstanding job. Here are the superstars in our group. Maybe it makes sense to schedule a 1:1 with them? 

  • Guy Brami $469,651.00
  • Steven Feys$218,724.00
  • Greg Ford  $216,543.00
  • Gary Altman  $138,798.00
  • Andy Stern$129,446.00
  • Casandra McFarland $112,652.00
  • Dennis Elliott $106,843.00    

Most wanted networkers: Some of the most wanted categories that we’d like to add to our chapter are:

  • Organizers. 
  • Move managers. 
  • Money managers. 
  • Healthcare/wellness practitioners. 
  • Salon owners. 

It doesn’t have to be a stack day for us to invite visitors. Grab a card or two from our resource table have on hand to give to any of these people as you are out and about.
Chapter Goals (From October 2019 to October 2020):

Increase our chapter size to 40 — Currently at 34

Have 65 Visitors this year — Currently 13

Close 3 million worth of business — $274,449



  • Greta Moen: Nauticon Office Solutions // [email protected] // 240-277-5740 (Invited by Robyn)
  • John Patch: Ameritel // [email protected] // 301-370-3860 (Invited by Guy)
  • Elaine Warren: Body & Beyond Acupuncturist // [email protected] // 301-351-1595 (Invited by Cheryl)
  • Arturo Lacayo: Santa Lucia Estate Coffee // 202-644-6105 // [email protected] (2nd visit)
  • Denyse Jeter-Williams: DJW Custom Baskets & Beyond // 301-980-1926 // [email protected] (Invited by Stephanie)
  • Mario Guzman: Oakridge Landscaping & Construction // [email protected] // 240-507-2868
  • Ben Matthews: Brax Roofing // [email protected] // 301-448-9400 (Let’s try to re-recruit him!)
  • Cindy Maka: Undreamed Shores // [email protected] // 301-758-1982 (Invited by Gary Altman)
  • Noah Joseph: Capx Solutions // [email protected] // 610-241-5289 (Invited by Justin McCarty)


  • For Gary Altman // Corinne Rosenstock
  • For Casi McFarland // Bob Blaire
  • For Michael Tash // Mark McClatchey: Paytech Trust [email protected] 703.574.3117

We missed you: Eve.


Our featured presenters last week were Robyn Parks and Dan Diggs. Keep both of these fine people in mind when you are out and about this week. 

This week we have Greg Flynn and Marc Bruno presenting.


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