BNI Weekly Recap: February 28th, 2020

BNI Weekly Recap: February 28th, 2020

Hello BNI Team,
Between COVID-19 and the stock market, it’s been quite the week. In the words of Douglas Adams (And Stephen Feys) “Don’t Panic!”

But seriously, where was everyone this week?


  • Please remember to register any visitors and guests using the BNI app. This not only helps our chapter numbers, but it also adds them to an email sequence with more information and helpful resources about BNI. 
  • Our next visitor day will be on March 13th. We are looking for Graphic Designers and others in creative industries.
  • March Madness starts next week. We’ll have a shiny new gift card for each person with the most 1:1’s, referrals, TYFCB’s, and visitors.



  • Oukeekkha Chanthavong (“OC”): OC1 Electric LLC // 301-807-7026 (Application pending)
  • Francis Noubossie: Freedom Faith Global // [email protected] // 240-515-5485


  • Cindy Maka: Undreamed Shores // [email protected] // 301-758-1982 (Sub for Brooke Bruch)
  • Bob Blair for Casi McFarland
  • Marcy Santos: The Right Fluff // [email protected] // 240-233-8424 (Sub for Stephanie Lewis)

We missed you: Christian Zamora, Dan Bible, Greg Flynn, Steven Feys, Victor Calderone.

Most wanted networkers:Some of the most wanted categories that we’d like to add to our chapter are:

  • Organizers. 
  • Move managers. 
  • Money managers. 
  • Healthcare/wellness practitioners. 
  • Salon owners. 

Chapter Goals (From October 2019 to October 2020):Increase our chapter size to 40 — Currently at 35Have 65 Visitors this year — Currently 14Close 3 million worth of business — $631,718

Our featured presenters last week were Frank Milota & Dennis Elliott. Keep both of these fine people in mind when you are out and about this week. 
This week we have Denyse Jeter-Williams & Adam Lowe presenting.

Meeting Location:We are in the Regency Room at the Hilton this week. 
I look forward to seeing you all bright and early on Friday morning!


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