BNI Weekly Recap: August 21st, 2020

BNI Weekly Recap: August 21st, 2020

Hello BNI Team,

Here is your weekly recap from our last BNI meeting.


  • This week we inducted Mary Ann Gomez Orta. Welcome to the family!
  • Brian Loebig, our consultant director, spoke about Abundance Mentality and how it fits with our givers gain philosophy.
  • Our next Stack day on September 11th. We are looking for telecommunications companies.




  • For Dr. Casi – Seneca Feys

We missed you: Andy Stern & Cheryl Spell.


Our featured presenters last week were Denyse Jeter-Williams & Greg Ford. Keep both of these fine people in mind when you are out and about this week. 

This week we have Guy Brami & Grant Layman presenting.

Remember, you can always view the current speaker rotation and chapter roster from our website at:


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