BNI Bethesda Business Update: Week of May 24, 2021

BNI Bethesda Business Update: Week of May 24, 2021

This is the second light week in a row for closed business which is reflected on our most recent PALMS Report through May 21, 2021 (see attached).

Over the last week, we only reported closed business of $5,317.

The week prior our closed business was $11,237. We should be reporting an average of $60,000 weekly. Please log onto the website or mobile app, revisit and update referrals you have given & received, reach out to recipients/referrer and report your closed business.

In the next few weeks, remember our most recent presenters ~ Sara Evans and Frank Milota and what a good referral is for each of them.  

Why not schedule a 1-1 with them between now and June 4th?

Follow-up with our most recent visitors/subs:

Dean Szollosy  Kitchen Solvers [email protected]

Chrissy Mayhew Heartland Merchant Services [email protected]

Jenny Saad District Divorce Coaching [email protected]

This Friday May 28th we are not meeting.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.


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