BNI Bethesda Business Update: August 23, 2021

BNI Bethesda Business Update: August 23, 2021

From our Leadership:

Happy Hour Thursday, September 2nd in lieu of meeting on Friday, September 3rd. Please plan on attending, unless it is your birthday.

Purpose & Overview this week is being presented by Sarah Najafi.

A Notable Networker is the person who is doing 1-1s, passing referrals etc. We are now highlighting how networking has helped this member and what specific ideas they have to share with fellow members.

This week our Notable Networker is Stephanie Lewis.

Member Spotlight is for the member who has given a lot and we are highlighting their accomplishments and thinking about them a bit more going forward. Extra time at the end of Visitor Weekly Presentations is allocated for this honor.

This week our Member Spotlight is Howard Joseph.


We have a blanket rule where we agree that each week’s presentations are TWO OF THE BEST PRESENATIONS EVER.

This statement should eliminate the need for each member to mention how good each of the presentations were during the REFERRAL & TESTIMONIAL portion of our meeting.

This Friday August 27th we look forward to hearing from speakers Guy Brami & Cheryl Spell.

Is there someone you know who might be a potential referral for either speaker? 

Why not invite them to visit our meeting this Friday?

Even better, why not make an introduction ahead of time !!!!

Your thoughts and suggestions for our meetings and our BNI chapter in general are encouraged and always appreciated. Please email or call me at any time.


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