Bethesda Business BNI Update: Week of November 09, 2020

Bethesda Business BNI Update: Week of November 09, 2020

As you continue with your week, please try to remember our most recent presenters ~ Andy Stern and Steve Rinaldi, and what a good referral or introduction is for each of them.

I have attached our PALMS Report through the last meeting.

Special thanks to Gary Altman, Guy Brami, Dennis Elliott and Greg Ford for closed business passed.

Also three members are leading the one-to-one tally, Gary Altman, James Bonato and Mary Ann Gomez Orta. Way to go.

From our President Gary Altman

Visitors Day is next Friday November 13th!


CPA (Personal / Business / Both?). This is an important category for our chapter.


Daily Money Manager-helps to pay bills, keep checkbook up-to-date, etc.

James Bonato, Mentor Coordinator:

James is making it his mission to coordinate with new & existing members, to improve our referrals and thank you for closed business.

Please welcome James when he reaches out to you and embrace his positive message.

Notable Networker is the person who is doing 1-1s, passing referrals etc. Extra time at the beginning of Member Weekly Presentations

Member Spotlight is for the member who has given a lot and we need to think about them going forward. Extra time at the end of Visitor Weekly Presentations.

Housekeeping Reminder(s) from above:

We are going to continue to mix up the order of our introductions going forward. Please get me any updates by Wednesday COB.

In an effort to keep Diane Lorello at the top of our thoughts and prayers, Gary Altman will call on one member to give Diane’s infomercial this week.

Who will it be?

Only Gary knows… prepared!!!

This week we look forward to hearing from speakers Victor Calderon & Steve Lorberbaum.

Is there anyone you know who might be a potential referral for either of our speakers?

Why not invite them to visit our meeting?


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