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Give Business... Get Business!

Active since 1995, Bethesda Business is the oldest chapter of BNI in Maryland. We are a large group of local business professionals in Montgomery County, MD who convene for breakfast on Friday mornings at 7am at the Rockville Hilton. Each meeting includes networking, 30-second member presentations, two 10-minute member presentations and referrals and testimonials. We never compete with one another. Only one individual from each business category may join a BNI chapter.

Our motto? Givers gain! By giving business to others, you will get business in return.

If you are interested in visiting and possibly joining our Bethesda Business BNI chapter, or learning about other BNI chapters in this area, contact our membership committee and join us as a guest to find out more.

Note: All meetings are being held virtually via Zoom until further notice.

About Bethesda Business BNI

Members of the Bethesda Business BNI group work hard to provide the highest quality services and products to their clients and partner BNI members.

BNI Chapters exist to help their members increase their business through a structured, positive, and professional word-of-mouth program—one that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with other committed business professionals.

BNI was built on the motto: Givers Gain. It succeeds because its members bring talent, skill, and dedication to the job. All members understand the need to act proactively in generating the highest possible number of high-quality referrals for all members, from as many different sources as possible, for the mutual benefit of all.

Founded by Ivan Misner, Ph.D., in 1985, BNI is a classic example of the “whole being greater than the sum of its parts.” The BNI culture is unlike any other organizational culture in the world. The only competition among members is a friendly scramble to see who can do the most good for others.

Becoming a member of the Bethesda Business BNI Chapter has its privileges and responsibilities. Our group takes the BNI Code of Ethics very seriously.

Interested in Joining or Visiting?

All inquiries are welcome!

Upcoming Featured Presentations

Each week, two members are given the opportunity to present their business for 10 minutes. Our upcoming speakers are:

Howard Joseph
Diane Lorello

Frank Milota
Steve Rinaldi

Sara Evans
Sarah Crawford-Najafi

Kenny Morales
Charles Steele

Stephanie Lewis
Gary Altman

Arturo Lacayo
Steven Feys

Andrew Farkas
Denyse Jeter-Williams

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